I have always been a James Bond fan. A clever and smooth talking spy with an incredible cache of gadgets and cars makes for an entertaining story. When he is not seducing someone, he is getting out of a bind with all his toys. Those toys come thanks to the ‘Q’ branch of MI6, who loved to give Bond access to fantastic automobiles on the condition he returns them the way he got them… which was almost never the case.

When Agora Models picked up the James Bond license and started work on a whole new 007 Collection of large-scale Bond vehicles, I was very excited! These all new models, designed from the ground up by Agora themselves, are based on careful study of the actual vehicles they are representing using 3D scans and extensive photography. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

Building the 1:8 scale James Bond 007 Collection from Agora Models