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“Over the next three stages you’ll assemble the right door. First you’ll fit the door handle, build the lock mechanism, fix the hinge, then attach the window.




Materials: The Right Door, Hinge Plate and Mount, Door Lock, and Spring are all metal – the other parts are plastic.


Fitting the Right Door Handle, Lock Mechanism, Hinge, and Window

Step 1

Fit the post and pin of the Right Door Handle into this matching recess of the Right Door, as shown:

Step 2

Secure this Door Handle into place from the other side with one (1) PS02 screw:

Step 3

Align the narrower Door Lock Bracket (Thin) to these holes inside the Right Door, as shown:

Step 4

Secure this Lock Bracket to the Door with two (2) DS23 screws.

This your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 5

Slide the Spring over the thicker short end of  the Door Lock, as shown:

Step 6

Then, slide the ball at the thinner end of this Door Lock/Spring assembly through the Lock Bracket (Thin), as shown:

Step 7

Cover the thicker end of the Door Lock with the Door Lock Bracket (Thick), aligning the screw holes.

There is a lip on one side of this Lock Bracket:

This Lip needs to rest on this ridge of the Door:

As you fit this Bracket, slide it along the Door Lock so it compresses the Spring, as shown. I had to install one of the screws to take this picture:

Step 8

Secure this Lock Bracket to the Door with two (2) more DS23 screws:

TIP: The pin of the Door Lock should be able to easily move back into the Brackets against the resistance of the Spring. On my model however, this action was a bit ‘crunchy’ so I used a round needle file to gently sand down the paint of this ‘pad’. It made all the difference:

Step 9

Fit the bar of the Door Hinge Mount into the matching slot of the Right Door and cover it with the Door Hinge Plate, as shown.

Make sure the angled side of this Hinge Mount (arrow below) is facing towards the outside of the Door:

Step 10

Secure this Hinge Plate to the Door with one (1) DS05 screw.

The tighter this screw is, the stiffer the Door will be to open and close. I lean towards the tighter side, but adjust accordingly:

Step 11

Fit the two holes along the bottom of the Right Window over these matching posts of the Right Door, orienting it as shown:

Step 12

Secure this Window into place with two (2) DS05 screws.

Take care not to overtighten these screws as we could damage the clear plastic:


And just like that, we have an entire outer door panel completed. I also noticed there are screw posts in the Window where we will soon be attaching the protective louvers – this model is going to look fantastic!

Next Up

 Stage 005 – Right Interior/Trim Panels, Right Door Handle/Frame/Pull Handle

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