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“In this stage you’ll start to build the first seat, beginning with the backrest and cushion.




Materials: The Seat Backrest is plastic and the Seat Backrest Cushion is foam.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – click to download)

Agora Models consolidates the build instructions for Pack 2 (Stages 007 – 016) into a single digital PDF file:


Fitting the Seat Backrest Cushion

Step 1

Peel the backing paper from one side of the Double-Sided Tape and stick it to this location inside the Seat Backrest, as shown:

Step 2

Peel the backing paper from the other side of the Double-Sided Tape:

Step 3

Stick the Seat Backrest Cushion into the Seat Backrest, orienting it as shown:

Step 4

Press the Cushion down to adhere it to the Tape:


I can’t get enough of this gloriously tacky interior color! Keep this assembly nearby as we need it in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 008 – Seat, Seat Cushion, Double-Sided Tape

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