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“In this stage you’ll fit the front carburettor onto the inlet manifold then mount it onto the engine cylinder head assembly.

Many of these steps will be the same as those in the previous stage.



Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Mounting the Carburettors and Inlet Manifold

Step 1

Press the pin of each Velocity Stack into the matching holes at this location on the Carbuerttor Body (Front), as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Carburettor Detail into the matching L-shaped recess of the Carburettor Body, as shown:

Secure this Detail to the Body from the underside with one (1) PS01 screw:

Step 3

Fit the posts at this end of the Carburettor Body into these matching holes of the Inlet Manifold, as shown:

Step 4

Secure the Body to the Manifold from the inside with two (2) more PS01 screws:

Step 5

Retrieve your Cylinder Head assembly from Stage 003. Fit the Mount to the matching posts on the inside of the Head, orienting it as shown:

Step 6

Secure this Mount to the Head with two (2) PS02 screws:

Step 7

Slide the rounded tabs of the Inlet Manifold through these slots of the Cylinder Head, orienting it as shown and align the screw holes:

Step 8

Secure the Inlet Manifold to the Head with two (2) PS02 screws:


I did not know that this engine from 1979 had dual carburetors, cool!

Next Up

 Stage 012 – Gearbox (Right), Driveshaft Housing, Brake Disc, Driveshaft

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