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“In this stage you’ll fit the gearbox cover and plate then fix the two parts of the gearbox together.




Materials: The Gearbox (Left) is metal and the other parts are plastic.


Assembling the Gearbox

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Gearbox (Right) from Stage 012 (marked ‘R’ inside). Align the split tabs of the Gearbox Cover with these matching posts inside the Gearbox (Right), as shown:

Step 3

Secure this Cover in place with two (2) DS25 screws.

This your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 4

Fit the split tab of the Gearbox Plate to this matching post of the Gearbox (Right), orienting it as shown:

Step 5

Secure this Plate to the Gearbox with one (1) more DS25 screw:

Step 6

Retrieve your Gearbox (Left) from the previous stage. Fit this to the matching posts of the Gearbox (Right), as shown:

Step 7

Secure these Gearbox halves together with two (2) DS01 screws:


I remember the first time I saw inboard disc brakes on a vehicle – I had climbed underneath a military H1 Humvee. This is the first time I have ever seen them used on a production car!

Next Up

 Stage 015 – Bell Housing, Clutch Cylinder

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