STAGES 001-010

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 001 – Bonnet, Bonnet Subframe/Lock, Air Intake Plate, Hinge Leafs/Joints/Pins, Soundproofing Material
  • Stage 002VB – Outer/Inner Spokes, Outer/Inner Wheel Rin, Outer/Inner Ring, Spoke Retainer Ring, Wheel Hub Back/Front
  • Stage 002 – Spoke Retainer Ring, Wheel Centre, Outer Wheel Rim, Jig, Spokes
  • Stage 003 – Inner Wheel Rim, Spacer Ring, Spokes Type A, Spokes Type B
  • Stage 004 – Tyre, Hub Cap
  • Stage 005 – Right Door/Window/Door Handle, Door Hinge Plate/Mount
  • Stage 006 – Right Door Panel/Armrest/Handle
  • Stage 007 – Right Door Inside Panel/L-Shaped Trim/Bottom Trim/Top Trim
  • Stage 008 – Cylinder Head (Upper Part), Cam Covers/Shafts, Cylinder Head Parts, Oil Filler Neck/Cap, Cam Cover Pipes
  • Stage 009 – Distributor, Cable Tubes, Spark Plugs, Electrical Cables
  • Stage 010 – Carburettors, Main Fuel Line, Choke Lever, Fuel Line End/Connector, Fuel Pipe

Building the 1:8 scale James Bond 007 Collection from Agora Models