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“This stage is the easy-build version of the wheel rim. If you choose to use this version, move straight to Stage 004 after completing it.

Each wheel of this Agora Models No Time To Die DB5 model can be assembled in two ways. The ‘easy-build’ version has pre-made spoke assemblies, while the more advanced wheel design requires the installation of seventy-two (72) individual spokes. To help my visitors make this decision, I built both versions and took this picture of the completed assemblies side by side (the ‘easy-build’ is on the left). Hopefully this helps you choose which one you want to use and also indicates which stages comprise the assembly of that version:



Materials: The two Spoke assemblies are metal, while the other parts are plastic.


Build the First Wheel Rim (Easy-Build)

Step 1

Align the center holes of the Outer Spokes over the matching holes of the Inner Wheel Rim.

First, I want to show the layout of the Spoke Retainer Rim (2VB-H) and the Inner Wheel Rim (2VB-C). Specifically, note the three holes of the Inner Wheel Rim that have recesses, as seen here – this is where screws will go:

Place the Inner Wheel Rim on your work surface with the smooth surface facing up, as shown:

Align the center holes of the Outer Spokes to the matching holes of the Inner Wheel Rim, with the spokes facing up as shown. Be careful not to bend any of these spokes:

Step 2

Firmly press the three pins of the Spoke Retainer Ring down through the Outer Spokes and into the Inner Wheel Rim.

This is where it is important to make sure the pins of the Spoke Retainer Ring do not go into the ‘screw holes’ of the Inner Wheel Rim we saw earlier. They should fit into other three smaller holes:

Carefully turn this assembly over:

Then, secure the Inner Wheel Rim to the Spoke Retainer Rim with three (3) PS03 screws.

This will capture the Outer Spokes in between the parts, as shown. Again, take care not to bend any of the spokes as you install these screws:

Step 3

With the ends of spoke facing up, fit the center holes of the Inner Spokes over the three pins of the Wheel Hub Back.

Place the Wheel Hub Back on your work surface with the three pins facing up, as shown:

Then, fit three of the Inner Spokes center holes over the pins, making sure the spoke ends are pointing up as shown:

Step 4

With the screw hole recesses facing up, firmly press the smaller holes of the Inner Ring onto the pins of the Wheel Hub Back.

As before, make sure the recessed screw holes are left open. The other three holes should be pressed down over the pins, as shown:

Step 5

Secure the Inner Ring to the Wheel Hub Back with three (3) PS32 screws.

This will capture the Inner Spokes between the two parts, as shown. I darkened this picture so the screws would be easier to see:

Step 6

Turn this Inner Spokes assembly upside down.

Take note of the large hole (circled below) and the small D-shaped hole (arrow below) of the Wheel Hub Back:

Press the large post and D-shaped pin of your Outer Spoke assembly into the matching holes of the Wheel Hub Back.

Looking at Spoke Retainer Rim of the Outer Spoke assembly we completed in Step 2, we can see the large post (circled) and D-shaped pin (arrow):

Match the post and pin to the matching holes and firmly press the two Spoke assemblies together, as shown:

Step 7

The spokes of the Inner Spoke assembly should rest between each spoke pair of the Outer Spoke assembly.

If needed, you can gently bend the Inner Spokes to align them correctly, as shown:

Step 8

NOTE: I slightly changed the order of the remaining instruction steps as I found this way a bit easier to follow.

Place your Spoke assembly down into the center of the Inner Wheel Rim, as shown:

Step 9

Fit the Spoke Retainer Ring over the Inner Wheel Rim, aligning the four rounded tabs around the edge to the matching slots in the Rim.

The tabs of the Ring should angle down towards the Rim, as shown:

Step 10

Make sure each spoke of the Inner Spoke assembly is aligned to the small notches around the inside of the Spoke Retainer Ring.

To do this, I loosely installed one of the PS02 screws to hold the Ring in place:

Then, I checked to ensure each spoke was seated in its respective notch of the Retainer Ring:

Step 11

With the spokes aligned correctly, secure the Spoke Retainer Ring to the Inner Wheel Rim with four (4) PS02 screws:

Step 12

Fit the Outer Wheel Rim to the Inner Wheel Rim.

There is a locating pin on the Outer Wheel Rim that fits into this alignment hole of the Inner Wheel Rim:

Firmly press the two Wheel Rim parts together:

Step 13

Finally, secure these Wheel Rims together with four (4) PS02 screws:


I am pleased that Agora Models gave us a choice when building the wire wheels for our Aston Martin DB5. For many people, this ‘easy-build’ version will easily get the job done and those of you can skip directly to Stage 004. For the more detail-oriented builders, continue on to the more advanced wheel covered in the next two stages.

Next Up

 Stage 002 – Spoke Retainer Ring, Wheel Centre, Outer Wheel Rim, Jig, Spokes

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