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“Now you’ll fit the tyre around the wheel rim.




Materials: The Tyre is PVC rubber and the Hub Cap is plastic.


Fitting the Tyre

Step 1

Place the Tyre in a bowl of hot water for a minute or so to soften it. In the meantime, retrieve your chosen Wheel assembly from the previous stages.

Take care to not burn yourself with the hot water!

Steps 2-3

Remove the Tyre from the water and dry it off with a soft cloth. It should now be soft enough to wrap onto the Wheel assembly.

This is not tricky. Just slide the edge of the Wheel into the Tyre and gently pull it around the Wheel until it is fully seated on both sides:

Step 4

Fit the Hub Cab to the center of the Wheel assembly as shown. It should remain in place with a magnet.

I found that this Hub Cap does not stay in place very well, but this is likely because the Wheel is not mounted yet. The screw we will use to mount the wheel should provide enough metal for this Hub Cab to better stay in place later on. You can optionally store this Cap somewhere safe until then:


After the previous stages where we built the Wheels, this one flew by in no time at all! Since I built both versions of the Wheels and love the look of the fully-spoked one, I chose that version for my DB5 model. This Wheel can now be safely stored until we need it later on in the build.

Next Up

 Stage 005 – Right Door/Window/Door Handle, Door Hinge Plate/Mount

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