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“In this stage you’ll fit the distributor to the cylinder head then install the spark plugs and electrical cables.




Materials: Most of these parts are plastic, however the Electrical Cables are PVC plastic with a metal wire insert.



Installing the Spark Plugs

Step 1

Carefully cut the six Spark Plugs from the sprue at the correct points (marked below).

I recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife to do this step:

Step 2

Retrieve your Cylinder Head assembly from the previous stage. Fit the keyed post of a Spark Plug into one of these matching holes, as shown.

I chose to start at the rear of the Cylinder Head so it would be easier to hold each Spark Plug in place while we tighten them:

Step 3

Secure this Spark Plug into place from below with one (1) PS21 screw:

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps to install and secure the remaining Spark Plugs as shown, using five (5) more PS21 screws – one for each Plug:

Steps 5-6

Press the D-shaped end of the green Distributor wires into this matching hole at the end of the Cable Tube.

While it is recommended not to glue any of these connections just yet, I did use a tiny drop of super glue to hold this part in place. If you find the D-shaped end does not seat all the way in as shown, you can snip a small amount off the end so it fits better:

Step 7

Gently press the two pins of the Cable Tube into the matching holes along the center of the Cylinder Head, orienting it as shown:

Step 8

Make sure the four small holes along the top of the Cable Tube align just to the rear of these middle Spark Plugs, as shown:

Steps 9-10

Firmly press the square post of the Distributor into this matching slot of the Cylinder Head, as shown.

If you find this fitment too tight, you can scrape some paint from the post as needed:

Step 11

Carefully bend the Electrical Cable (Long) into a ‘J’ shape, as shown.

This Electrical Cable (Long) is noticeably longer than the others:

Each of these Electrical Cables have a metal wire inserted inside. This will help them hold the position you put them in. I tend to use the round shaft of my screwdrivers to form wire shapes like these – anything with sharp edges may deform or damage the wire:

Step 12

Fit the end of the Electrical Cable (Long) (closest to the bend) into this hole of the Distributor.

Again, while they recommend not to glue these Cables in place, I definitely used a tiny bit of super glue to hold each end of the Cables in place:

Then, fit the free end of this Cable into the hole on top of the nearest Spark Plug, as shown:

Step 13

I recommend preparing the five Electrical Cables (Short) by bending them into a ‘U’ shape. As I mentioned, I use the shaft my PH1 screwdriver for this. By gently bending these Cables around the shaft, it makes a nice even curve:

Step 14

Insert the ends of a bent Electrical Cable (Short) between this hole of the Cable Tube and the Spark Plug nearest the Distributor, as shown:

Step 15

Repeat the previous step to install Electrical Cables (Short) into the next three nearby Spark Plugs in the same way, as shown:

Step 16

Fit one end of the remaining Electrical Cable (Short) into the final Spark Plug.

For this final Cable, I added a 90° bend to one leg of it, as shown:

The straight end was then installed into the last Spark Plug:

Then, carefully bend this Cable until the free end can be inserted into this hole at the front of the Cable Tube, as shown:

With all of the Electrical Cables (Short) installed, gently bend the raised loops down towards the Cylinder Head.

I used a piece of toothpick (cocktail stick) to act as a lever to bend the Cables over – this way the bends will be more even:


I think this is the first partwork model where I did not have to install my 22 gauge Craft Wire into the Cables to make them posable – awesome work Agora Models! Keep this Cylinder Head (Upper Part) assembly nearby as we will need it again in Stage 012.

Next Up

 Stage 010 – Carburettors, Main Fuel Line, Choke Lever, Fuel Line End/Connector, Fuel Pipe

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