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“Next you’ll build the carburettors by attaching the main fuel line and choke lever.

In the USA where I am from we spell them as ‘carburetors’, but I am going to use the UK spelling provided by Agora in these pages.



Materials: The Fuel Pipe is soft PVC tube and the rest of these parts are plastic.



Building the Carburettors

Before I began this stage, I decided to add a bit more color to our Carburettors. I went to open my Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver acrylic paint to find that the bottle had completely dried out and I tossed it out. Instead, I decided to mix my own color. I started with a base of Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum and added drops of Tamiya X-6 Orange until the color closely matched the tone of the Main Fuel Line:

Then, I hand painted this color to the Carburettors around the areas of the Fuel Line bases (circled) and some of the random plugs and pins, as shown:

Step 1

Fit the small pin at the end of the Choke Lever into this hole of the Main Fuel Line, orienting the Lever as shown.

The ‘arms’ of the Choke Lever are delicate so take care not to damage them while working on this Fuel Line assembly:

Step 2

Press the D-shaped hole of the Fuel Line End onto the matching post at this location of the Main Fuel Line.

Note how this Fuel Line End captures the large pin of the Choke Lever (circled below). You can also see where I snapped my Lever and had to glue it back:

The triangular end of the Choke Lever should sit in this flat recess of the Main Fuel Line, as shown here:

Steps 3-4

Fit the three pins of the Main Fuel Line assembly into these matching holes of the Carburettors.

These three pins and holes are different sizes, so this part will only fit correctly one way:

Step 5

Secure this Main Fuel Line to the Carburettors from below with one (1) PS01 screw:

To add some realism, I took a moment to super glue the small arms of the Choke Lever to these throttle shafts:

I also glued this lower heim joint of the Choke Lever to the nearby arm of the Main Fuel Line:

Step 6

Slide one end of the Fuel Pipe onto this larger pin of the Fuel Line Connector, as shown.

This is actually Step 7 in the instructions, but I chose to do it first so we would not put any unnecessary stress on the Fuel Line Connector:

Step 7

Carefully press the small pin of the Fuel Line Connector into the matching hole of the Fuel Line End, orienting it as shown:

I ended up painting the hex nut on top of this Fuel Line Connector with the same ‘Titanium Silver’ paint mixture I made earlier:


I appreciate the paint work that was already applied to many of these parts. From the black nuts on the carbs to the silver clamps around the Main Fuel Line, it really adds a level of quality to our Aston Martin DB5 model!

Next Up

 Stage 011 – Cylinder Head (Lower Part)

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