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“In this stage you’ll build the alternator and fit the pulleys onto the engine distribution cover ready to install them in the next stage.




Materials: The Belt is soft PVC rubber, but the other parts in this stage are plastic.



Building the Alternator and Engine Distribution Cover

NOTE: I have slightly changed the order of my steps from the Agora instructions to make things a bit easier.

Steps 1-2

Firmly press the keyed post of the Alternator Pulley (Part 1) into this matching post of the Alternator, as shown:

To add some additional color, you may note that I ‘painted’ the through bolts of my Alternator with a Metallic Gold Sharpie:

Step 3

Fully press the pin of the Alternator Pulley (Part 2) into the hole at the center of Alternator Pulley (Part 1), as shown:

Step 4

Fit the pin of the Alternator Bracket into this smaller hole on the back of the Alternator, and then align the larger screw holes:

Step 5

Secure this Bracket into place with one (1) PS02 screw:

Building the Engine Distribution Cover

Step 6

Slide the keyed hole of the Pulley A (Part 1) onto the matching post of Pulley A (Part 2), orienting the parts as shown:

Step 7

Fit the keyed post of the Pulley A assembly into the matching recess at this location on the Engine Distribution Cover:

Step 8

Secure Pulley A into place from the other side with one (1) PS02 screw:

Step 9

Fit Pulley B into this recess of the Engine Distribution Cover, aligning the locating pin of the Pulley into this matching hole as shown:

Step 10

Secure Pulley B into place from the other side with one (1) more PS02 screw:

Step 11

Fit the Distribution Cover Holder to these two posts inside the Engine Distribution Cover, orienting it as shown.

Note the larger ‘tab’ is on the left here:

Step 12

Secure this Holder into place with two (2) DS01 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


The front of our DB5 engine is coming along quite nicely. These parts will be mounted to the engine in the next stage, so keep these assemblies (and the unused Belt) nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 014 – Cylinder Head (Left Side)

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