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“You’ll now fit the left side of the cylinder head along with the parts assembled in stage 013.




Materials: This Cylinder Head (Left Side) is metal.



Fitting the Left Side of the Cylinder Head

NOTE: I have slightly changed the order of these steps from the provided instructions.

Step 1

Loosely install three (3) DS25 screws into these posts of the Cylinder Head (Left Side).

I did this to make it easier to align the parts in the next step. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Retrieve your Cylinder Head assembly from Stage 012. Slot the three bottom tabs of the Head assembly under the previous screws of the Cylinder Head (Left Side), orienting the parts as shown. Then, tighten all three screws:

Try to keep these two parts fitted tightly together while you tighten the screws:

Fitting the Engine Distribution Cover

Step 3

Retrieve your Engine Distribution Cover assembly from the previous stage. Slot the tabs of the Distribution Cover Holder into these matching slots of the Cylinder Head (Left Side), orienting it as shown:

Step 4

Secure this Holder to the Cylinder Head with one (1) DS25 screw:

Step 5

Retrieve your Alternator assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Alternator Bracket to this location on the Distribution Cover, aligning the locating pin and screw hole as shown:

Step 6

Secure the Alternator Bracket into place with one (1) DS08 screw, as shown:

Step 7

Retrieve your Belt from the previous stage. Fit the Belt around these three pullies on the front of the Engine Distribution Cover, as shown.

Try not to twist this Belt as you install it over the various Pullies:


With this stage complete, we have finished the majority of our main Engine assembly. We will still be attaching various accessories and other details to this once it is installed into the Chassis. Keep this assembly nearby as we will add the Gearbox to it in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 015 – Gearbox

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