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“In this stage you’ll connect the oil distribution pipe to the engine’s front. The chassis front will be needed in the next stage.




Materials: The Chassis Front is metal and the Oil Distribution Pipe is plastic.


Connecting the Oil Distribution Pipe

NOTE: We will not use the Chassis Front in these assembly steps. Put it aside for the next stage:

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous stage. Press the pin at the long end of the Oil Distribution Pipe into this matching hole at the front of the Engine, orienting the Pipe as shown:

Steps 3-4

Press the two pins at the other end of the Oil Distribution Pipe into these matching holes of the previous Oil Distribution Pipe (red arrow) and the Engine Distribution Cover (yellow arrow), as shown:


Save a part, install a part, and this very short stage is behind us. However, the majority of our Engine is now complete! We can now store the Engine assembly somewhere safe as we will not need it for a while.

Next Up

 Stage 020 – Left/Right Suspension Mounts

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