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“In this stage you’ll continue working on the rear axle by building and fitting the rear right hub, shock absorber and brake disc.




Materials: The Pins are metal while the other parts in this stage are plastic.


Fitting the Rear Right Brake Disc

Steps 1-2

Fit the Rear Hub through the Brake Disc Inner as shown until the hole of the Rear Hub (circled below) seats onto this matching pin of the Disc Inner, and then firmly press these two parts together as shown:

Steps 3-4

Align the Brake Disc Outer onto the Rear Axle Inside Plate, as shown:

Step 5

Fit the Brake Disc Outer assembly to the Brake Disc Inner assembly, aligning the four outer screw holes as shown:

Step 6

Secure these Brake Disc assemblies together with four (4) PS34 screws:

Steps 7-8

Fit the Rear Caliper to these two holes of the Rear Axle Inside Plate as shown, and then secure it into place with two (2) PS21 screws.

As with my Front Calipers in the earlier stages, I painted these Rear Calipers with Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf acrylic paint to simulate the real color used on many DB5s. To save time, I also grabbed the left Rear Caliper from the next stage and did them both here. Like before, to keep them looking cleaner, I sanded off the ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings on their outer surfaces:

Once the paint dried, I secured the right Rear Caliper to the Inside Plate:

Step 9

Retrieve your Rear Axle assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Rear Brake assembly to the right end of the Axle.

Make sure you put this on the correct end of the Rear Axle (I put it on the wrong end and finished this stage without realizing it – I had to disassemble the parts and take the pictures over again). Note the position of the differential and this rounded tab, as seen here:

The Pin coming out of the Axle should pass through the center of the Rear Brake assembly:

Align the shape (and locating pin) of the Brake assembly to the shape at the end of the Axle so it sits flush, as shown:

Steps 10-11

Secure this Brake assembly to the Rear Axle with two (2) PS14 screws:

Step 12

Firmly press the crossbar of the Arm Holder down between these tabs on the same end of the Rear Axle assembly, as shown:

Steps 13-14

Press the smooth end of a Pin through the tabs and Arm Holder from this side, as shown. You may need to use needle-nose pliers to seat this Pin fully into place (flush on both sides).

A spare Pin is provided if needed:

Step 15

Fit the narrower end of the Bottom Arm between these tabs of the Arm Holder.

The Bottom Arm and Top Arm are actually the same, so either can be used here. However, note the post (circled below) on the free end of the Arm –  this needs to be facing away from the Rear Axle center, as shown:

Steps 16-17

Secure this Arm to the Holder using another Pin as shown, again inserting the smooth end first:

Squeeze this Pin into place until flush on both sides, as shown:

Steps 18-19

In the same way, fit the narrower end of the Top Arm between these other tabs of the Arm Holder as shown. Secure it using another Pin, again inserting the smooth end first:

As before, the post on the free end of this Arm needs to be facing away from the Rear Axle center:

Step 20

Fit the keyed post on the wide end of the Rear Axle Shock Absorber to this matching hole of the right Rear Axle assembly, as shown:

Step 21

Secure this Shock Absorber into place with one (1) PS11 screw:


These Arms are the trailing arms that sit in front of the Rear Axle to keep it properly centered along the front and rear axis of the car.

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 Stage 034 – Rear Axle Plate/Shock Absorber/Arms, Brake Disc Inner/Outer, Rear Hub (L), Rear Caliper (L), Arm Holder, Pins