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“You’ll continue to assemble the wheel by building the inner rim and its spokes then fitting it to the outer rim.

This wheel is assembled in the exact same way as the first one from Stage 003 and Stage 028, so these steps should be familiar.

TIP: Agora Models has created a YouTube video showing how these wheels are built:




Materials: The Spacer Ring and Spokes are metal while the other parts in this stage are plastic.


Building the Inner Wheel Rim (Regular)

Step 1

Retrieve your Outer Wheel Rim assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Spacer Ring down onto the inside of the Outer Wheel Rim orienting the alignment hole over this locating pin, as shown.

Once this Spacer is fitted, you can remove the Rim assembly from the Jig. Keep the Jig stored somewhere safe as we may need it again.

NOTE: The pictures in this stage are from the construction of my front wheels. Other than the different Wheel Centre, the steps are the same:

Step 2

Turn your Outer Wheel Rim assembly over, then feed the angled end of a Spoke Type A through one of the lower holes in the small end of the  Wheel Centre, as shown:

Step 3

Pull this Spoke through the hole while feeding the angled end down through the diamond-shaped opening between the previous Spokes.

To explain this step better, I oriented the large hole in the Outer Wheel Rim at the top of the next few pictures. Each of these lower row Spokes should be fed down through the diamond-shaped opening directly in line with the lower row hole the Spoke is passing through, as shown:

Step 4

Turn this Rim assembly over and hook the angled end of the Spoke around the nearby wide ‘tooth’ of the Spoke Retainer Ring, as shown.

These lower row Spokes should be straight (from center to rim) and hook around the wide tooth pointing clockwise, as shown:

Be sure the angled end is fully hooked around the tooth. I simply used a fingernail to pop the Spoke into place:

Step 5

Insert another Spoke Type A into the next lower row hole of the Wheel Centre and feed it down through the diamond-shaped opening in line with the hole. Note how we skip one of the diamond-shaped openings as we install this Spoke:

Step 6

We can continue to install the remaining Spokes Type A in the same way. We can hook them on the back side once this is complete.

Remember to skip a diamond-shaped opening between each Spoke!

OPTIONAL: With my model, I chose to go ahead and get all of these lower row Spokes hooked around their respective Spoke Retainer Ring teeth now. To keep them from backing out of the Wheel Centre, I put a piece of tape over it:

Next, I flipped the Rim over and hooked each Spoke Type A around the big teeth. Again, the angled ends should all point clockwise, as shown:

This is what it looked like once all of the Spokes Type A were fitted correctly:

Steps 7-8

For the final row of spokes, start to feed the angled end of a Spoke Type B through one of the upper holes in the Wheel Centre. These Spokes need to cross over the lower hole Spoke to the left (circled below) and down through the previously skipped diamond-shaped opening to the left of the lower hole Spoke (arrow below).

You will likely need to gently bend the angled end of this Spoke down through the diamond-shaped opening as you feed it through the Wheel Centre:

Step 9

On the other side of the Rim assembly, the angled end of the Spoke Type B should be hooked around a wide tooth, as shown. Opposite the previous row of Spokes, these angled ends should point counter-clockwise:

Step 10

Thread another Spoke Type B through the next upper hole of the Wheel Centre in the same way.

Again, this Spoke need to cross over the lower hole Spoke to the left (circled below) and down through the previously skipped diamond-shaped opening to the left of the lower hole Spoke (arrow below).

As before, the angled end of this Spoke Type B should be hooked around a wide tooth, as shown:

Step 11

Continue to insert Spokes Type B in the remaining upper holes of the Wheel Centre, as shown:

Step 12

With the final Spokes inserted, push a piece of tissue paper (or similar) into the Wheel Centre to help keep the Spokes in place:

Step 13

On the other side of the Rim, ensure all of the Spokes are seated correctly.

The angled ends of each pair of Spoke Type A and Spoke Type B should wrap around a large tooth and face each other, as shown:

Step 14

This is what the proper installation of these Spokes should look like:

Step 15

Gently fit the Inner Wheel Rim to the Outer Rim assembly, orienting the alignment hole to this locating pin, as shown:

Before fully pressing these Rim parts together, make sure each Spoke is aligned to the matching notch of the Inner Wheel Rim:

Step 16

Firmly press the two Rim parts together, then secure them to each with four (4) PS02 screws:


Give yourself a nice pat on the back as we have made it through another challenging wheel build!

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